Power 1 Summer Glass Water

Power 1 Summer Glass Water

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When P1 Summer Glass Water Meets The Need Of Your Glass Water And At The Same Time It Prevents To Reduce Your Views Of The Environmental Factors In The Summer.

User Manual and Suggestion:

  • Power 1 Ultra Clear Water Glass cleans the remains of all kinds of dirt, mud, oil, plant and film layers, especially fly and insect residues.
  • Produced in order to use for all passenger cars and commercial vehicles in winter.
  • Even on vehicles which has high-sloped windows, its’ high cleaning power ensures clear visibility.
  • For an effective cleaning  After you reduce speed of your car to less than 70 km/h and you spray once water glass,  wait for 1 minute and Spray it again together with the operation of the wipers. You will see that your windows are sparkling.
  • In winter we recommend you to use Winter Power 1 Ultra Clear Glass Water.

You get normal performance when you add 1.5 liters of Power 1 Ultra Clear Glass Water and 1.5 liters of water to your car's glass water tank. You get high performance when P1 Ultra Clear  Water Glass is used purely.

Using Areas
Used for cars.

It is used by putting into the reservoir of he glass water of your car.

Form of Sale
3 Liters
3 Liters * 4 Items (Box)

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